Halloween Kitchen Witch Applique Embroidery

Halloween Embroidery Kitchen Witch

Halloween Embroidery Kitchen Witch
Embroidery Fill

This applique embroidery is a fun addition to your Halloween decorating in your kitchen.
Cooking in the kitchen is truly an art of mixing herbs and potions in the correct proportion
Only the magic happens on the tongue!!!

You get the applique style in 4x4, 5x7 and 6x10 sizes
And a 4x4 embroidery fill design for other small things like towels.
You can use any fabric or colors to compliment your decor style.


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Kitchen Witch Halloween Applique
6x10 Apron Stitch Out
Kitchen Witch Halloween Embroidery
Apron Close Up
Kitchen Witch Halloween Embroidery
4x4 Fill Stitch on Towel

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Created 09/2011

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