Free Standing Lace
Autism Puzzle Charms

Free Standing Lace Embroidery Autism Puzzle Charms

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This design isnt put out there by me just because Autism Awareness is a "hot topic"
I live everyday with a Aspy child who has Aspergers
While I know he could be worse off on the Autism Spectrum, I know how difficult it is for myself and other parents of autistic kids everyday
My son seems normal to lots of people, and then when aspects of his autism comes out, I can see the looks and whispers from people that dont know any better and you know they are thinking that you are a bad parent who has just let your child run wild and be anti-social and rude to everyone, when that is SOOO not the case.
It's even worse when its your own family members who dont understand either, and just think the kid needs "more discipline"
So for all of us out there who deal with this everyday and still can get up tomorrow smiling and knowing how truely great our kids are

Free standing charms spell out Autism, and comes with one blank for earrings
Each is less than 1"x1"


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Autism embroidery
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Created 04/2009

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